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Over the last two decades, PDF documents have gained the prime role of sharing digital information due to their universal nature. A document composed in any version of Windows can be viewed on Mac PC if it is in a PDF form. Similarly, PDF documents are equally viewable on the different OS of the cellphones. Adobe Reader, as its name suggests, only provides the fixed preview of the PDF documents and does not provide an editing menu. Due to the universal nature and Adobe's password-protection feature for the PDF files, a considerable number of users want to convert their pictures into a PDF file.

Is it Technically Possible to Create a PDF File of Images?

It is a multifunctional app that lets users make PDF files for professional uses. You can expect ultra-fast and high-quality conversion from the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac. Let's see what the perks of using this fantastic PDF Converter are.

1. Lightweight and Super Fast

Apps and tools with heavy volume fail to perform at a fast rate. A high space-consuming software slows down the processing speed of the system due to exhaustion of RAM, thus, resulting in a slow PDF conversion. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac weighs only 500 Kb, and it doesn't overload the RAM. Due to its compact nature, you get large PDF files as quickly as possible.

2. All Image Formats are Welcome

This fantastic PDF converter is compatible with all of the widely used image formats. Along with the conversion of JPG images, you can add all single-page images for conversion. PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP images are also acceptable in the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac.

(Only multi-page TIFF do not work in this converter due to no support for multi-page images in PDF documents.)

3. Easy to Use

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is a reliable tool that has easy to understand interface. Upload — Convert is the only path users have to follow for converting images in a PDF document. Drag and drop the images into the file list and get your PDF. Its straightforward interface is quite suitable for bulk conversion of images.

4. Data Security

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is an offline converter. Users download the converter tool and convert their images into PDFs. That means that the already installed algorithms process the uploaded images. Uploaded data do not go through the servers, thus reducing the chances of breach of data. Furthermore, JPG to PDF Converter does not force the download of malicious software.

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac Intro

There are high chances that you search the entire internet and fail to find a reasonable PDF converter app for your Mac PC. On the internet, there are uncountable programs available that claim to create high-grade PDF files of the given images for Mac OS. These PDF converters either use stone-age technology, or they spam your PC with malicious apps and links.

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is the latest software that is designed to assist the Mac users for quick conversion. It has advanced codecs that work harmoniously with the mac OS. A 500 Kb DMG file doesn't consume massive space in your PC and downloads quickly as well. You can also get the paid version for a premium experience.

How to Convert Images to a PDF File by JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

You cannot ask for a more straightforward PDF converter than JPG to PDF Converter for Mac. Users can convert as many images as you want into PDF files by following this straightforward four-step guide.

Step 1

- Download and install the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac into your PC by clicking on the DMG installation file.

Step 2

- Add images to the PDF converter tool by pressing on the Add button. You can add thousands of images in the file box.

Step 3

- Set the file sequence of your images by utilizing the Move Up and Move Down options.

Step 4

- Define the output path for the PDF file of your images and initiate the PDF conversion by using the Convert Now option.

Four steps and you are done with your PDF file!

If you want to convert JPGs to PDF on Windows, please check JPG to PDF Converter for Windows.

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Perks of JPG to PDF Converter App for Mac

It is unbelievable how a 507 KB sized installation package can create large PDF files of images. You can enjoy these fantastic features of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac.

1. Super Fast

Only professional writers can tell you that how they suffer on the work front by using a bad image to PDF converters. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac process your PDF book formation request at a surprisingly fast speed than regular converters. It is more than convenient to file up all of your notes in pictures daily by using this converter. Upload your raw JPG images to the JPG to PDF converter, and it would compile them in an arranged file within a few minutes.

2. Compatible with Most Image Formats

JPGs are the most commonly used files all over the digital world, but you cannot ignore the usage of other image formats such as TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac uses the most advanced algorithms to convert images with any format into PDFs. You can make PDF documents of all single page image formats. Hence it doesn't support PDF conversion of multi-page TIFF images. That's because PDF documents don't provide support to Multi-page TIFF images.

3. Super Easy Interface

No one likes apps and tools that are ambiguous to use. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is relatively easy than most hi-tech versions. Users can upload their images and get them converted in a short PDF file. Drag the files into the PDF converter in sequence and get an organized PDF document in seconds. You can also navigate through the sequence of uploaded files by "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.

4. Secure Download

A single Malware or Spyware can cause the data breach within one week of contact with the malicious links. Furthermore, suspicious apps can also affect the performance of PCs. In comparison to Windows, it is not easy to find a handy PDF converter for Mac OS. However, users can get JPG to PDF Converter for Mac in the form of a direct download. Softwares that provide direct download are the ones without the suspicious links.

5. Legal Usage

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is convenient for the legal workers. Pictures of any legal document can be converted into a PDF document without any manipulation. By having the record of the legal documents, you can track the changes made to the document anytime.

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