How to convert HEIC photos to PDF on Mac OS

What is HEIC format and why do we need to convert them to PDF

HEIC is Apple's version of the High-Efficiency Image File or HEIF, which is a new type of file that can make your image smaller in size, but retains its high quality and is intended to be saved in a better way.

It is said that HEIC is better than JPG in some reasonable ways such as its ability to make the file smaller without compromising the quality of the picture. But though it is used by many people especially professional photographers, JPG is still more used and common among many people.

HEIC format files are needed to be converted into PDF so that they may be compatible with other file formats, applications, and devices. If it is not converted, you may have difficulty in using your files for it may not be accessed on other devices and cannot be read by the system.

Pros and Cons of HEIC files:


- It is smaller in size but is great in quality. No worrying about the quality of your images.

- It can replace the file extensions that could support sequences in images such as GIFs and GIFVs.

- It can store multiple individual images and their properties, data, maps, and thumbnails.


- It has some patent issues for some devices and systems.

- It is not very common to other devices and systems thus it cannot be read sometimes.

- It cannot be famous or used worldwide unless systems and its issues are resolved.

How to convert HEIC format to PDF on Mac

HEIC file formats are not easily read in Mac IOS thus, converting is needed. In converting a HEIC file format into a PDF on Mac, you can follow these steps:

First, use HEIC Converter for Mac to convert HEIC to jpg format.

This software is used freely and easily by people who want to convert their HEIC files into JPG format. You can guarantee no quality compromise and a fast but simple process.

Second, use JPG to PDF Converter to convert the JPG to PDF

After converting the file into JPG Format, you can know to use this link to convert your JPG file image to PDF. With the simple drag and drop, you can convert your file faster and with more convenience with no effect on the quality of the image.

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Benefits of using HEIC Converter for Mac

Using the HEIC Converter software for Mac guarantees you many simple but convenient and usable features that can help you in your needed conversion. With its fast, simple and secured process, you can convert hundreds of files and save time in converting files even by batches. conversion of heic to jpg will be easier and faster.

With this professional tool, you can save time, money, and other resources in converting your HEIC files.

Benefits of using JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

There are many benefits in using the JPG to PDF Converter software for Mac. Here are some of the benefits that you can have in using this software:

- Compatibility. Almost all file formats are supported by this software. The JPG to PDF converter software can read almost every existing file format there is.

- Ease of use. It is very easy to use. You can just use the drag and drop and click the "convert now" button to start the whole conversion process. Convenient and easy, this software can save you lots of effort and time.

- Swift. Because of its compatibility and ease of use, you can guarantee faster and better conversion for your files.


HEIC formats are good and high-quality images that could give the best outputs, and its format should not hinder the use of these images. You can always find the best ways in converting and using these files for the best output that you can have. May it be heic to pdf or heic to jpg, you can guarantee the best output for your image.

Soon, HEIC will be as useful as JPG and PDF. As long as it is still in the process of perfecting and extracting the best features, and removing the issues, it will be known to everyone in no time. High-quality images in small sizes will now be used by almost everyone and can be used in any kind of output, may it be for business, entertainment, or even personal, this will help in revolutionizing image gaming.

Download JPG to PDF Converter for Mac