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There was a time when only a few people had cameras, and those cameras used to give printable output only. But nowadays, huge masses have smartphones with a camera. The flooding of devices that could take pictures has made the image files more famous. Along with the pictures taken from the cameras, any file that represents an object optically is called an image. Currently, there are five significant formats for image files - TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, and the most popular JPEG.

JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a compressed image format that was created to store bulk information in less storage space.

Combination of JPEG Images to PDF

Mac users do not have any tool as part of Mac OS, which could combine the JPEG Images into a PDF document. However, third-party PDF converters can do the combining task efficiently. Third-party PDF converters for Mac can be downloaded from their site.

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is a high-end converter that is designed specifically for the conversion of JPEGs into a PDF file. You can download the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac from its official site. It is a 500 Kb app that combines the JPEG images into a PDF file at a faster pace than other tools. Furthermore, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac also supports other image formats for all at a one-stop service.

Easy Guide for Using JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Users do not need to follow any complicated process in using JPG to PDF Converter for Mac. Use this easy four-step guide for combining the bulk JPEGs into a PDF document.

Step 1

Get your copy of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac and click on the downloaded DMG file for installation.

Step 2

Upload your JPEG image lists to the PDF converter with the help of the Add option. Users can upload multiple JPEG files for conversion in a single attempt by dragging and dropping the images.

Step 3

Organize your JPEG images in a sequence that you want to get in a PDF. "Move Up" and "Move Down" tool helps the users move through the uploaded images.

Step 4

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac saves the PDF result into the selected disk location of your PC. Finally, kick-start the PDF conversion process by clicking on the "Convert Now" button.

Hold back for a few moments to let the conversion finish.

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Download JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Premium Features of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Finding a reliable PDF converter for Mac computers is a difficult task. Most PDF converters lack the latest technology to meet the expectations of the users. However, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac has all the demanded features.

1. Compatible with All Image Files

Unlike its name, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac can combine images of any format into a PDF file instantly. Along with the JPEG(JPG) images, you can also convert TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF image files. In short, you can execute this converter tool for combining all kinds of single-page images into a PDF document.

2. Data Security

Mac users can use the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac with trust because it offers secure downloads and Adware free use of its combination of images service. Unlike the low-end PDF converters, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is free of Adware and Spyware and gives direct access to the tool. Furthermore, you can also make a PDF of your images offline, meaning that the JPG to PDF Converter does not steal your data.

3. Easy User Interface

Combining all your pictures into a PDF may sound technical, but believe me, it is effortless to use the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac app. It is as simple as converting a regular MS Word file into a PDF document. Upload your images, arrange their sequence, and combine them in one PDF file. Yes! There's nothing complicated about the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac.

4. Quick Performance

Combining of JPEG Images into a PDF file does not consume too much time. You can get your PDF less than 3 minutes, depending on the number of uploaded images. Moreover, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is a super light converter that does not occupy huge space in the RAM of your PC. Less consumption of RAM and Cache memory also speeds up the combination process.

5. Licensed Version

You can also get the licensed version of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac at $29 inclusive of all taxes. $29 is a life fee to use the premium features of the fantastic JPG to PDF Converter for Mac. The licensed version is also available for commercial purposes.

Try it out and enjoy its fast performance!

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