How Do I Convert a JPEG to a PDF on a Mac? [Resolved]

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JPEG is the compressed form of the images that can be used for preserving the vast quantities of the image files in less space. However, it is not easy to access every single image in the raw form in the hard disk. Users can convert their JPEG images into a PDF file for single place storage. Furthermore, PDF files are also more comfortable in online sharing without risking the security of the data.

However, Batch JPEG to PDF conversion can only be performed by using third-party apps. Among all the third-party PDF converters tools, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is the most robust and capable tool. You can expect high-quality and premium services from this 500 KB PDF converter app.

Excellent Features of JPG to PDF Converter App for Mac

You can try out the fantastic JPG to PDF Converter for Mac and see how much it is easier to use it.

1. Quick Results

These days every single minute is essential for the users. They cannot waste their time with sub-standard and sluggish PDF conversion tools. Be it a student or a publisher, non of us can afford to waste our precious time at a petty software. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac uses the latest algorithmic codes for an instant conversion. It consumes less than 5 minutes to produce a ready to use PDF file — composed of your images.

2. Compatible with Most Image Formats

By using a low-grade PDF converter with less file support, there is a high chance that you would get blank pages in your requested PDF file. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac works smoothly with 99% of the image formats - JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF and others. However, multi-page image files cannot be converted into the PDF document.

3. Super Easy Interface

No one likes apps and tools that are ambiguous to use. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is relatively easy than most hi-tech PDF tools. Users can upload their images and get them converted in a short PDF file. Drag the files into the PDF converter in sequence and get an organized PDF document in seconds. You can also navigate through the sequence of uploaded files by "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.

4. Secure Download

Only one malicious link is enough to destroy the whole data of your PC. Be cautious while downloading the sub-standard third-party PDF tools. You can also get trojans and viruses along with the installation package. The multifunctional JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is a PDF converter tailormade for professional use. Even in its free version, users have never reported the presence of Malware and Adware. Users only get what they download in the installation package.

5. Legal Usage

The handling of legal documentation requires the utmost attention and care. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac can help you save your legal documents in the form of a PDF document. You can further protect your PDF copy of your legal documents by the password as well.

Download JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

How to Use JPG to PDF Converter for Mac - Quick Guide

Using the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac is understandable than most converter tools. You have to follow a sequence of these steps for instant JPEG to PDF conversion.

1. Download and run the DMG installation file of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac PC and install it.

2. Add your JPEG image files to the PDF converter tool by clicking on the Add option. Users can upload many image files at once by drag and drop feature.

3. Organize the order of the image files by working with Move Up and Move Down buttons.

4. Set the storage drive by the output path option and press the Convert Now button to initiate the binding of the JPEG image files into the PDF document.

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