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Electronic documents came into a trend after the popularity of the internet. However, people soon realized that the formatting of the shared documents crumbles under different operating environments. These disturbances urged Adobe Systems to make an electronic document that could hold back its formatting under different interfaces. Finally, in the early 90s, Adobe launched a special kind of document which had the permanently engraved texts and objects. These documents gained fame as PDF or Portable Document Formats.

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Use the excellent JPG to PDF Converter for Mac to make PDF files of your images. This converter program is an excellent tool for compiling images with a diverse format. For instance, users can upload JPG, BMP, and GIF images at once for combining them in a single PDF file. Moreover, the navigation tools also make the arrangement of the sequence of images in a PDF document easier. JPG to PDF Converter for Mac lets the users create high-definition e-books and printable posters.

4-Step JPG to PDF Converter for Mac Tutorial

You can create unlimited PDF files of your images by using the JPG to PDF Converter for Mac. This quick tutorial can guide you for making PDF files of the selected images in Mac OS.

1. Visit the official site of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac to download and then double-click on the DMG file to begin the installation.

2. Add button lets you select the images for PDF conversion. You can upload hundreds of images with different formats for combining them in a single file. Selected images can also be dragged and dropped in the conversion list box.

3. Use the navigation tools — "Move Up" and "Move Down" for an arranged sequence of the created PDF file.

4. Set the output path for automatically saving the converted PDF document into your selected storage drive. Now, press on the "Convert Now" option.

Hang about for a few minutes to get the converted PDF file.

If you want to convert JPG images to PDF on Windows, please check JPG to PDF Converter for Win.

Download JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Excellent Qualities of JPG to PDF Converter for Mac

Download the excellent JPG to PDF Converter for Mac to get high-grade PDF files instantly. Unlike the conventional PDF converters, this Mac utility has hi-tech attributes for quick and exceptional output.

1. High-speed PDF Converter

You can use the JPG to PDF Converter for the instant creation of PDF documents composed of your images. This fantastic PDF converter takes less than three minutes to bind the selected images into a PDF document. JPG to PDF Converter is specially designed for Mac PCs in a lighter structure. Its superlight 500KB Installation package does not slow down the performance of your Mac PC and results in quick conversion.

2. Straightforward Use

Most third-party apps for Mac PCs scare away the new users. Layered steps to perform a task can also create confusion. However, JPG to PDF Converter for Mac has a straightforward process that users can summarize in a maximum of 4 steps. Give your files to the PDF Converter, and get your image book Instantly.

3. Compatible with 99% Image Formats

Only a high-class PDF converter can give you the luxury of making PDF files with images with different formats. Upload all of your PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF images and see them embed harmoniously in a single PDF document.

4. Data Security

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac has a strict no Adware, Spyware policy. Users can test the superb services of this excellent tool without making contact with malicious links. You can also convert your images into PDF documents without using the internet connection, meaning 0 chances of catching Malware.

Images To PDF Conversion

PDF files have many advantages over other document formats. Due to the useful features of PDF documents, users feel the need to convert their image files into PDF documents for easy and secure sharing. Moreover, the objects in a PDF document are tightly fit, and they consume less storage space.

Adobe Inc is carrying the legacy of the portable yet fixed documents. Users demand an Edit button in the PDF viewer to rectify mistakes. But the freedom to modify a PDF file would make these documents less reliable. Adobe Inc retains the rights of PDF documents, and you cannot expect any built-in app for PDF editing and file making any time soon. You have to rely on the downloadable tools and converters for making a PDF document of your images in your Mac PCs.

Benefits of PDF Documents

With time Adobe added more features in the PDF documents that made them a reliable means for sharing information. PDF documents are especially useful for maintaining records over time. Furthermore, the owner of the PDF document can also restrict the exposure of its PDF documents by locking them with a passcode. Another passcode can also be added to ensure authorized sharing and printing of the PDF document.

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